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Jennifer's Surprise

Jennifer's Surprise

Published 08/19/2019

By: Ana-Paula Monteiro 

Jennifer M., 34, legally disabled & expecting her first child, faced homelessness and serious threats to her unborn baby’s health.

Where She Was:
Jennifer discovered CAPP while searching online for resources to help her prepare for her baby’s arrival. Having recently escaped from an abusive relationship, she discovered Project Undercover at CAPP and came in for diapers, but that was only the beginning.

Shortly after sharing her story with Lizayda Cuevas, CAPP’s resident navigator, Lizayda assembled an action plan to help Jennifer get the help that she needed for herself and her unborn child.

“They helped me a lot. Lizayda made me a list and everyone was able to help me.” Jennifer M.

Jennifer had fallen behind on rent and was having trouble getting the landlord to make vital repairs needed in her apartment, including rodents, mold and lead. After reporting the violations to Code Enforcement, her landlord threatened her with eviction. Lizayda pre-screened her for rental assistance and referred her to the Center for Justice’s legal clinic at CAPP to address her housing crisis.

After learning that Jennifer lived on a fixed income, she referred her upstairs to see Rose Phildor, the Financial Empowerment coach at CAPP.

“Rose helped me because I didn’t know how to stretch my money. Premature baby clothes are expensive. She showed me how to budget so I could still have extra money to buy my baby clothes.” Jennifer M.

What we did:
• Provided diapers and clothes for her unborn child.
• Approved her for emergency rental assistance and helped her catch up on past due rent.
• Center for Justice attorneys represented her in housing court and won, preventing homelessness and repairs were made to her home.
• Approved her for LIHEAP energy grant and helped prevent shut-off of her utilities.
• Approved her for the LEAD & Weatherization Program, improving housing conditions and saving her money on energy bills.
• Designed a budget for her fixed income which helped her save up enough to buy clothes for her baby.

What Lies Ahead:
Jennifer is looking forward to moving in the near future where baby Adrian can have his own room.