Michael's Journey

Published 09/24/2018

By: Ana-Paula Monteiro 

Michael, a dedicated family man, came to CAPP in April of 2018 looking for help re-entering the job market after an 18 year gap in employment.

Where He Was:

Despite possessing a Master’s in Economics and an MBA in Finance, the 18 year hiatus from work to care for his loved ones created a major roadblock to employment. Michael wanted to reignite his passion for finance and had been actively searching for work since the fall of 2016.

After completing several job readiness programs and unsuccessfully searching for employment, Michael was advised to secure volunteer opportunities. His determination led him to CAPP.

“I tried to volunteer at a couple of other organizations, but they rejected me too. You can imagine how that felt. I chose CAPP simply because Jennil (Volunteer Program Coordinator) was kind enough to listen to me and give me a chance.”



Within Three Months:

-Donated 207.5 hours to CAPP;

-Improved data entry and file management skills;

-Became proficient in modern office equipment operation, software applications, and departmental policies & procedures;

-Updated resume to reflect new, transferable skills and filled employment gap;

-Acquired a full-time job in his dream field of finance.

Where He Is:

Michael is enjoying his job and says there is never a dull moment because there is so much to learn. He continues to receive inquiries from recruiters and expresses gratitude for the opportunity that CAPP gave him to show that he could be productive, opening a lot of doors for him.

What Lies Ahead:

“I’ll just keep my eyes open and be prepared to jump on whatever opportunity comes along.”