Career Preparedness Program

The CPP program prepares participants to seek, secure and excel at a new or existing job by providing basic employability skills including effective communication, problem solving, resume building, interviewing and financial literacy. The job readiness training programs also help participants develop good work ethics and to set realistic and attainable career goals. This program aims to fill the skills gap necessary for workplace success.

The training activities are designed around:

Team Building, Workplace Safety, Technology, Maintaining Employment, Self-Advocacy, Financial Literacy, Health and Wellness, and Preparing for Employment.

The program covers:

-Establishing a professional email address account;

-Creating a resume;

-Conducting online job searches & career exploration;

-Filling out a job application;

-Researching prospective training in the work field;


-Cultural competency;

-Effective Communication (written & non-verbal)

-Career assessment & identifying opportunities for advancement.


For more information please call Isabel Escobar at 401-273-2000 xt.131