October 2nd CAPP Board Community Representative Election

Published 09/13/2017

Community Board Member Election 2017

A public meeting to elect a Community representative to the CAPP Board of Directors has been scheduled for Monday October 2, 2017 , at 6 pm, at the Elmwood Community Center, 155 Niagara St, Providence, RI. Click here for nomination and ballot registration forms. 

All are welcome to the meeting to learn about CAPP, vote for a Community representative or be nominated for election to the Board of Directors.

CAPP needs candidates with a strong desire to serve the community and a belief in our mission, 'CAPP, working in partnership with the community, provides culturally competent supportive services and programs to Providence residents in need to promote their achievement of economic self-sufficiency.'

Nominees should be familiar with the needs of the people they will represent; be 18 years of age and over; live or work in the Providence community and willing to serve a three year term. Nominees must have received services at CAPP within the past 5 years.

The Community Action Partnership of Providence Board meets at 6 pm on the second Tuesday of each month, with additional committee meetings. The Board establishes the overall program goals and priorities, approves funding requests and insures compliance with all contract provisions and laws.