March 2017 Profile in Partnership - Rivas Family

Published 03/17/2017


The Rivas family first came to CAPP for assistance with their heating bill. Raul and Iris along with their grandchild live on a fixed income, and the high cost of heating in the winter was difficult to manage. In addition to a home energy assistance grant through LIHEAP, several services were identified to increase the health and safety of the home as well as reduce energy costs. These services improved the economic self-sufficiency of the family and also helped to prevent potential lead poisoning. CAPP’s multi-pronged approach improved the outcome for the family by stacking available services for a greater impact.

One of the key programs for the Rivas family was the LEAD Safe Providence program. A Resident Educator from CAPP visited the home and inspected both the exterior and interior for lead contamination. Several areas of the home were identified as containing lead including chipping paint and siding on the exterior, and windows inside the home. These areas were remediated by licensed contractors who replaced the siding and windows and painted the foundation. “We feel our grandchild is safer now inside the house and outside,” Mr. Rivas said. 

In partnership with the LEAD Safe Providence program, the Weatherization program also helped to enhance the health and safety of the home as well as lowering the energy costs for the family. The home was insulated with blown-in insulation and the thermostat was replaced, along with other upgrades to the heating system. “The heat comes on less frequently and our bill went from over $200 to $134 per month,” said Mrs. Rivas. “We are very happy that the bill went down and the house feels warmer.” The Appliance Management Program also provided a new, efficient refrigerator as well as high efficiency LED bulbs and educational information about reducing energy use.

Mr. Rivas said, “The house needed a lot of help, and we are on a limited income. This has changed our lives. Thank you CAPP for good people with good hearts.”