April 2017 Profile in Partnership - Hilda Viera

Published 04/06/2017

Hilda Viera is a North End Providence resident who received services from CAPP’s LIHEAP and Weatherization Program. She was referred to CAPP through United Way RI 211 when she desperately called for assistance. In December her boiler broke and she did not have the financial resources to buy a new one or to pay her bills, and the family was without heat during freezing weather.

She expressed feelings of hopelessness and concerns about her family’s wellbeing to Enid Martin, CAPP’s General Case Manager. Her apartment was very cold despite the electric heaters placed in the kitchen. This meant a real financial hardship for her and her family due to their monthly income. Ms. Viera said “I have always provided my family, now I can’t, my health don’t allow me to. I started working when I was 13 years old… I’m a proud person, I have never asked for any help and I never thought they would help me.” Ms. Viera began her career as a CNA, after she obtained an associate’s degree in Medical Administration and has since been prevented from working by illness.

In the course of the assessment, Ms. Viera shared that her daughter needs to better her parenting skills to raise her two children. Ms. Viera wants to see her daughter become more independent in that regard. The General Case Manager was able to refer her daughter for parenting classes and obtain the parenting skills she needs.

Overall, the family’s economic security has been improved by receiving a grant from LIHEAP and Weatherization services. “There was a blessing, I feel blessed with CAPP’s help, I’m very grateful,” said Ms. Viera.