Published 11/01/2017

Genesis first came to CAPP through the Youth Success program. She had
a young child and was expecting a second, while remaining committed
to completing her high school education. Through the program she has
accomplished her goal and received her High School Diploma. Genesis has
developed a close bond with the residents and staff at the Elmwood Community
Center, volunteering her time to give back to her community. After giving birth
to her second child her refrigerator broke down and she did not have anywhere
to store her food or milk for her young child. CAPP provided a new refrigerator
through the Appliance Management Program and additionally the light bulbs
in the home were also changed for new energy efficient bulbs which helped
decrease her energy costs. “The CAPP experience for me has been extremely
good, I have achieved many of my goals completing school with supportive
guidance and have been able to be more a part of this community given the
opportunities to volunteer and also help out in the community,” says Genesis.